More Thunderbird enhancements

"List of Events from Contact Detail View" and "different ,CALENDAR TYPES"

Thunderbird's addressbook: List of events from contact detail view

As a means to link past events and - moreover - communication/project notes, it would be marvellous to have a history of all events, where $contact has been invited (=linked), as a list from the $contact's detail view.
As a direct consequence, calendars an be used to hold such notes without cluttering the contact's "NOTE" field.

Lightning Calendar: Support various calendar types

This resembles one more reason, why lightning should scale to hold loads of calendar files and group them to different calendar types that can be visualized/treated/synchronized/buffered/interacted following different templates, as:

  • Project type (Gantt-relashionship management ("BEGIN" or "END" depends on other event"))

  • Holiday type (sync disable/long cycle and checksum only, visualize in top row and without borders between days

  • Event type (show other events with same organiozer/location/category as child container), thus

  • Schedule type

  • Birthday type

Of course, color helps, but colors are just not enough to visualize a cool calendar!

Melchior blausand Dienstag 06 September 2016 at 1:10 pm | | nicht mein code, nicht unlösbar

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