Firefox 57 rant

Here's ehat i had to feedback to Mozilla when they asked for it:

Ok, i gave FF57 some time and today i tried to fit it's UI to my needs.
Sorry to say it, but I PLAINLY HATE some of it, too!
What are you smoking over there, really??

  • If you can't implement native vertical tabs, let add-ons at least hide the horizontal tab bar. It's 16:9 time, baby!
  • What's so bad about sharing menu and page title in one bar?
  • Where did the most valuable native "Share page" function (Paperplane icon) go?
  • Give us back a comprehensive bookmark bar!
  • possibility for hiding titles, "add bookmark here" for subfolders,
  • titles for separators
  • Im- / export and sharing for bookmark hives
  • Let me install /all/ AddOns of my "Collection" on a.m.o. in one run
  • Where the F**K have my 32 search engines gone?
  • open up Firefox Sync for Thunderbird Sync, not so hard, is it?

…and for Chtulhu's sake: SHARE your discussion URLs for decisions like kicking out Firefox Hello or the Share page with service in your What's new? pages!

Melchior blausand Dienstag 23 Januar 2018 at 09:37 am | | nicht mein code
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