Thunderbird 5. Final Fail.

The all new Version starts with all old shortcomings

Screenshot von 14 abgewiesenen Add-ons
I really spent years using thunderbird after it became obvious that browser-based solutions will finally prevail for business communication, just for the evangelisation of Mozilla's ideals. Today, Mozilla released Thunderbird 5.0.

Mozilla's decision to adapt the version numbers of browser and eMail client has been accounted on better corresponding to the underlying gecko engine, well knowing that anybody familiar with the nature of code evolution will spit on the ground for this PR motivated version numbering culture.

But actionally, hell is round the corner. To be more precise, it is still necessary to download the software before reading what will happen to myThunderbird, as i could easily call the vehicle forged from Thunderbird, Lightning, SoGo-connector and 22 (!) other add-ons that were necessary to make Mozilla's eMail client an almost viable solution for my personal demands.

Melchior blausand Mittwoch 29 Juni 2011 at 02:52 am | | nicht mein code
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absolutely true! SoGo-Connector is not compatible with Thunderbird 5.0, as a result it can’t synchronize EGroupWare calendar with Lightning anymore :-[

Andreas, (E-Mail ) (URL) - 02-08-’11 11:55
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